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We experience grief in different ways and at different times in our lives. Though society typically thinks of grief as death, there are many ways to know loss—rejection, loneliness, unexpected disappointments, and changes. Maybe your grief is new, and you’re encountering it for the first time. Perhaps it is a loss from years ago, but there's still something knocking you off balance. Grief is an ongoing story. I’m here to listen. 

In our modern, fast-paced world, employers, partners, and friends often want life to go back to normal. You try to keep up, but grief interrupts your life and demands much of you. Together, our work is to make space for the natural course grief takes and respect the time needed to heal. 

Because your grief is unique, it can often feel like you are facing it alone. I am here to bear witness to this sometimes isolating process. No one will ever fully know your pain, but my goal is to equip you to maneuver through the fog, understand the changing relationship with your loved one, and help you redefine your experience of grief.

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Grief & Loss: About Me
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