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We tend to categorize life transitions as either “good” or “bad.” We celebrate weddings, graduations, births, and retirement yet we work hard to avoid aging, health complications, or estranged relationships. In reality, change is not a matter of good or bad. All life transitions can be challenging and take work.

Transitions can be uncomfortable, and we sometimes resist new beginnings because they can test our beliefs and shake our identity. Change isn’t always linear. It can cause us to reevaluate our life story while reminding us that life is less straightforward than we’d like to believe. 

Some changes are more complex, and the process of adjusting to change often takes longer than we’d like. Together, our work is to make space for the uncertainty of transition while creating room to grow. You don’t have to have a medical diagnosis or a long-term condition to seek out therapy. Maybe you’re just going through a big transition and want someone to walk through that with you. The goal of therapy is to better learn how to navigate difficult changes by acquiring skills to adapt to difficult times and come out stronger on the other side. 

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Transition & Change: About Me
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