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Do you find yourself feeling tired, irritable, or sad but can’t understand why? Or maybe you worry about a lot of different things, so much that it stops you from doing what you love? Do you struggle with fatigue, restlessness, or sleep troubles? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety and in need of treatment. 

Despite mental health being more accessible than ever, some still carry an underlying stigma or fear about therapy. Or maybe you think there isn’t enough time for treatment. But, untreated mental health concerns take a significant toll on our productivity, relationships, and happiness. 

We all experience sadness or worry at times, but these feelings shouldn’t stop us from enjoying life. Words like depression and anxiety are often used casually when describing unwanted emotions. In reality, depression and anxiety are complex, often persistent, and have unique presentations. If it feels like you have symptoms of depression or anxiety that you just can’t shake, know there is individualized help available. 

I offer evidence-based, relational counseling tailored to fit your specific needs. My goal is to equip you to understand the contributing factors, develop healthy coping methods, and engage more fully in your life. 

Connect for a free consultation.

Depression & Anxiety: About Me
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